Ecommerce in Turkey

E-commerce customers in Turkey

Turkey has an internet penetration rate of 72%, a study from Nielsen in 2018 shows. This report also shows that 4 percent of Turkish consumers shop online every day, while 46 percent order products and services online just a few times per month. In Turkey, almost 160 euros are spent online per capita. For comparison: the world average is about 735 euros.

The most popular product categories are shoes & clothes (68 percent of consumers buy these online), followed by consumer electronics (58 percent), personal care & cosmetic products (49 percent), and books, movies & games. Ordering food from restaurants is also popular (47 percent).

According to an interview with the CEO of Turkish online payment provider Iyzi Payments, the most common online payment methods are card payments: loyalty cards with payment by installment options, Mastercard and Visa. But also players like BKM Express, ipara and Paytogo are gaining ground in Turkey (PayPal ceased operations in Turkey in June, 2016). Internet card payments (for various purposes, not only for ecommerce!) rose about 30% to 10 billion euros in 2012 and this number is expected to more than double by 2015.

The ecommerce market in Turkey

In 2018, ecommerce in Turkey was worth 5.7 billion euros after a 38 percent growth the year before. That’s quite a different development than what the Turkish Industry and Business Association reported in 2016, when it said the ecommerce industry in Turkey was worth 7.95 billion euros in 2016. Please keep in mind these are different sources and they have different methods of measuring the value of the national ecommerce industry.

Big online stores in Turkey

The Turkish ecommerce market seems to be dominated by online marketplaces, multi-category retailers and private shopping sites. Huge online stores in Turkey are Gitti Gidiyor, Hepsiburada, Araba.com and Trendyol.

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