Sterilization cabin disinfection room corona virus disinfection cabin

Smart Sterilization Room

Our Smart Sterilization Room contains a thermal camera and an automatic barrier that allows everyone to enter  if their temperature is normal
Ultra-sound cold steam sterilization does not leave any traces or wetness and comprehensively covers the entire surface of the body and saves sterilization materialis it is also very durable Suitable for government institutions, large companies and malls, as it provides protection for your security staff by protecting them from direct contact with customers

Suitable for government institutions and large companies and malls where It provides protection for your security cadres by protecting them from Direct contact with clients



Sterelization Cabin


Our company is always distinguished by its unique and distinctive designs … where we combine beauty and suspense with benefit. The condensed vapor in our Sterilization Cabin is a magic that is shown only by glass materials with lighting. So that the person disappears inside it for minutes to have a unique and unforgettable experience.

Our sterilization cabins contain an Ultra Sound device in its upper section, which accommodates thirty liters of sterile materials that can be supplied with a pump from the bottom for easy filling and is linked to motion sensors so that it works for six seconds per person. The transparent sides are of polycarbonate anti-fracture and totally safe for children’s use. This design is ideal for schools, kindergartens and sports clubs.

Sterilization Gate

The price of the sterilization gate is economical, it takes a small space in the area, it is lightweight, and is suitable for private and relatively small establishments Equipped with seven sprays of the rank of twenty microns and an average pressure of one hundred bars equipped with a motion sensor that pumps four liters per minute so that the sterilization cost for each hundred people reflects ten dollars, ten times the cost of the cold steam rooms, which makes it uneconomical in materials



Sterelization Materials

A five-liter container of sterilizing concentrate materials costs sixty dollars Mixed with distilled water at a ratio of one hundred liters of distilled water per five liters
Certified by several international certificates  
  • Active chlorine: 0.046% Ph: 5.5
  • It is an environmentally friendly water disinfectant that eliminates bacteria, viruses and fungi in seconds in contact environments.
  • The product contains active chlorine (hypochlorous acid) and deionized water
  • It does not contain alcohol, aldehyde, phenol, and ammonium
  • environment friendly
  • Like chemical disinfectants, it cleans from the roots without covering the surface
  • No residue after use, no rinsing and washing required
  • It is effective against biofilm and biofilm formation
  • Multidirectional cleaning is non-toxic and has antiseptic property
  • It has high oxide
  •  It does not harm the skin and human health and does not cause allergiestive activity even at low concentration
  • It does not cause irritation, damage to the skin and burning eyes like chlorine
  • It has a wide spectrum of antimicrobial properties, does not allow bacteria to form
  • It provides fast and effective disinfection, leaves no residue, is non-corrosive, and removes existing wear.
  • Eliminates bad and dirty odors from the environment. Does not damage walls, wood, plastic, glass, hard and delicate surfaces.
  • Fresh, healthy and clean air

Our factory is in Turkey Mersin and all of our products are manufactured from first grade materials with help from the hands of refugee skilled workers who are proving once again that man will survive as long as they have will

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