FREE Website design

In cooperation with the EUROPEAN BANK we provide FREE WEBSITE DESIGN services to Syrian companies in Turkey.

Fill the form and we will call you to explain what services you are eligible to have for FREE including mobile application , graphic design , internet ads campaigns etc.

Our FREE services

  1. Website design and development
  2. Creating online store
  3. Logo , brochure and catalog design
  4. Creating or updating company’s Facebook page
  5. Facebook ads graphic design
  6. Creating android application and publishing it on Google Play store
  7. Facebook and Google ads campaigns management
  8. Website and Facebook page management

To apply for a Free website design

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SMES in the Syria crisis conference attendees

SMES in the Syrian crisis

As we are accredited consultants by the Euopean Bank we participated in the SMES in the Syria crisis conference that was held in Hilton Mersin in cooperation with MSTO Mersin Industy and Trade Chamber and TEVAP.

As all speakers emphasized on the importance of the integration of Syrian companies in the Turkish market and workforce in order to benefit both Syrian refugees and Turkish economy.